The Miradoll Cat - 'Angel's of the Cat World'

We are proud to introduce the Miradoll Cat, a registered breeding programme of one of the most lovable companion cats you will find. They are quite a sensation, 'head turners' attracting much attention in NZ and further afield.  We are heading into our seventh year of working with these amazing Cats.  Each breeding season we produce the most beautiful kittens in both looks and smooch factor and we constantly strive to improve and perfect our beautiful breed.  

What is a Miradoll?

The Miradoll has been primarily bred to be one of the most beautiful companions you will find.  A settled cat that can adapt to any living situation, you will find Miradoll's living in places such as Rest home's, companions for the elderly, families with young children, multi-pet homes as well as in Apartments. They excel as therapy cat's and have helped many adults and young children, struggling with various health conditions.

They are not high energy although they enjoy bouts of playtime!, so adapt well to living in a contained environment.  This makes them a perfect choice for indoor  and contained lifestyles. 


Train them to harness and take them for walks, rides in the car, you don't need to leave them behind when you go on your next holiday.

Miradoll's are soft pawed, you will never see claws except in extreme circumstances!  They are social lap cats that will follow you from room to room.  They insist on helping you with all of your daily tasks.  They aren't an overly vocal cat unless it's mealtime, they are very food driven! They have the loudest purr and they purr often.

Miradoll's come in many different colours.  This is what sets them apart from many other breeds.  A colour to suit all desires.  Their genetics come from many different breeds including the Persian, Ragdoll, Birman, British Shorthair, Burmese and Domestic Longhair.  If you are stuck for breed choice, then the Miradoll may be the perfect choice for your home.

Colours include Solid, Traditional and the very rare Mink and Sepia.


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