Welcome to Abracadabra Cat's, the home of New Zealand's most beautiful, lovable and well bred cats.

I have been breeding stunning cat's for many years now and work with two breeding programmes, The Miradoll and the Bagheera Cat.

My breeding programme's are registered with Rare Cat Breed's of the World and all of my kitten's come with registration papers. (www.rcbaptyltd.com

I have been working with these beautiful breed's since 2014, striving each year to improve my lines.  Health and temperament are most important to me as well as breeding beautiful cats true to type.  Both breed's are proving themselves as some of the most amazing family cat's and are so adaptable that they suit every lifestyle.

My cat's are so treasured and spoilt, part of my household where possible and I also have luxury separate accommodation for my stud cats and safe, enclosed play areas for my Queen's and their kitten's.

All of my cat's and kitten's are very well socialised and fit well into multi-pet busy homes, used to everyday noises such as the vacuum cleaner and a crazy poodle! They are well used to large and small dogs.

An advocate for contained lifestyles, if you are looking for a kitten that you can keep as an indoor only companion these cat's are the perfect choice.  I have so many examples of catio spaces and ways that they can safely experience the outdoors while staying out of harms way.

Kitten's are available to approved homes from 12 weeks of age and have had their first vaccination, are microchipped, desexed and registered with Rare Cat Breed's of the World.

They are worm and flea free, 100% litter box trained and come with a thorough health check from my trusted vet.

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