The Bagheera Cat originates from Pedigree Bengal's mixed with Miradoll lines to create amazing wild cat looks with the most beautiful of natures.  A perfect combination of the laid back, affectionate Miradoll and the more active Bengal. 

These cats are predominantly short hair with sleek, shiny coats, some sporting the beautiful glitter from the Bengal.  I am also working on longhair and will have longhairs available in the 2020/2021 breeding season.

They have the most fun natures and are quite chatty in a beautiful way! They are very mischievous and guaranteed to keep you entertained and on your toes at all times!  Great climbers and more active than the Miradoll.  Both the Miradoll and Bagheera love water, but the Bagheera even more so.  They are a very intelligent breed, very easy to teach tricks, enjoy playing fetch and can be trained to harness.

They come in a variety of colours, from the traditional Browns and Snow's, to rare colours such as high quality Silver's, Melanistic (Black Panther), Silver Melanistic (Silver Smoke) and I am working with Mink and Cinnamon lines.  Patterns include spotted, marble and sparble (a combination of spots and marbling).

Males mature anywhere form 6 to 8 kgs while females usually range from 4 to 5 kgs, significantly smaller than the males.  In comparison to the Pedigree Bengal they are a slightly stockier cat with generally rounder faces.