Abracadabra Pablo

Pablo is our foundation Stud boy and has now retired. 

Abracadabra Jingle Jangle

JJ is a gorgeous Seal Mink.  He produced some

beautiful kittens and is now retired.

Abracadabra Fable - MIRADOLL

Fable is a rare Seal Sepia, super gorgeous with the

temperament to match.  He has produced some beautiful

kitten's in his first breeding season  (2020)

Abracadabra Ripley - MIRADOLL

Ripley is a gorgeous blue mink kitten

and a future stud.

Abracadabra Fonzi - BAGHEERA

Fonzi is an amazing Pedigree Bengal from top International (UK) Champion lines.  He has the very best pedigree available internationally and is a wonderful asset to the breeding programme.  He has stunning rossette's.  We look forward to his first season with us in the 2020/2021 year and the amazing kitten's he will produce.

Abracadabra Fabulous Fred - BAGHEERA

Fred is a stunning silver marble boy with a very quirky and sweet personality, very chatty and loves his cuddles.  We look forward to his first season with us in the 2020/2021 year.

Abracadabra Gobbolino - BAGHEERA

Gobbolino is a stunning Silver Melanistic (Silver Smoke) boy that is a keeper from this season.  I am so looking forward to him being a future stud boy. He carries Cinnamon, Snow and longhair, so there are so many possibilities with him.

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