This sales contract entered into between Abracadabra Cat’s, the BREEDER (here referred to as the “SELLER”) and ___________________________, (here referred to as the “BUYER”).

IN CONSIDERATION of the sum of $_______ (“Purchase Price”), SELLER grants, conveys and transfers the following kitten to BUYER.








Purchase Price:

BUYER has paid a non-refundable deposit of $250.00 on __/__/2019 to hold the Kitten described above. The deposit shall be applied toward the Purchase Price, which is due and payable prior to shipping of the kitten or when the Kitten is collected.  If the Buyer is unable to take the kitten when the kitten is ready to leave at 12 weeks of age, a Boarding charge of $5.00 per day will apply until the kitten leaves to cover cost of upkeep.

In the event that the SELLER is unable to sell the Kitten to the BUYER, for reasons including, but not limited to, the Kitten’s mortality, the SELLER has the option of refunding the deposit or replacing the Kitten with a kitten of similar quality.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Please initial all spaces)

1) ______Kitten shall not be sold, leased, given away, abandoned to a shelter, pound, pet shop or any similar facility. If BUYER is unable to care for the Kitten, BUYER shall notify SELLER immediately. BUYER shall use all reasonable effort to rehome the Kitten and BUYER shall provide details (in writing) of the Kitten’s new owner to the SELLER.


2) ______ BUYER shall care for the Kitten with proper diet, housing, health and general care, including maintaining up to date vaccines and proper parasite prevention.


3) ______SELLER makes no guarantee as to the Kitten’s temperament. We pride ourselves on socializing our kittens and their amazing natures, but we cannot predict how the Kitten will act after it leaves the familiar environment of our home and its littermates. It is the BUYER’s responsibility to slowly transition the Kitten to its new home. BUYER acknowledges that some kittens may take longer than others to adjust to their new surroundings


4) ______BUYER agrees to feed the Kitten the same food that Kitten was eating at the SELLER’s premises, and change the Kitten gradually to the new food over a two-week period. Any sudden changes to the Kitten’s diet may result in diarrhea.


5) ______BUYER agrees to take the Kitten to the BUYER’s veterinarian at least once every 12 months for an annual physical examination. BUYER needs to ensure that a full examination is undertaken.


6) ______SELLER shall provide the registration papers for the Kitten to the BUYER within a reasonable time of the kitten leaving the premises.  This refers to Miradoll kittens only.


7) ______This sale is final and there are no cash refunds.


HEALTH RECORDS Your kitten has received their first vaccination, is microchipped and desexed.  See included health records. Dewormed: See health records



The Kitten is guaranteed against congenital defects for the period of twelve (12) months after the date of birth. If the kitten is found to have a congenital defect within these twelve (12) months, BUYER must contact the SELLER immediately. Upon the return of the Kitten at the expense of the BUYER, it will be replaced with another cat/kitten of equal value. There are no cash refunds.

The SELLER certifies that at the Kitten is healthy at the time of the sale. SELLER further warrants that the Kitten has undergone a physical examination by the SELLER’s Veterinarian prior to the Kitten leaving SELLER and the SELLER is not aware of health issues (including, but not limited to, upper respiratory infection, diarrhea) at the time the Kitten leaves the SELLER’s premises.

However, the stress from the change in environment may cause the Kitten to “break” with an infection, even though the Kitten showed no clinical signs of an infection when it left the SELLER’s premises.

We encourage, but don’t require that the BUYER take the Kitten to their Vet within 3 days after the purchase at the expense of the BUYER to make sure you are happy with the health of the kitten.  Please advise the Breeder of the results of the exam.  Mindful that the stress induced in a kitten when going to a new home may cause symptoms of illness, including minor upper respiratory infection, to appear in otherwise healthy animals.  


After 72 hours The BUYER assumes all responsibility for the kitten.


The SELLER guarantees that at the time of sale, the Kitten was found to be free of any disease or congenital defects and/or the signs of such. Should the Kitten die as a direct result of a congenital defect, the cat will be replaced ONLY if an appropriate necropsy is performed by a licensed vet and a vet’s certificate is provided proving that the cause of death was directly related to a congenital defect. A replacement will be made with a cat of comparable quality and value, as available, at the discretion of the breeder. No cash refunds. BUYER is responsible for all shipping fees should they be required.

SELLER’s health guarantee will be null and void if exposed to other animals within the first fourteen days of BUYER receiving the Kitten OR if the Kitten had not been examined by BUYER’s veterinarian within 72 hours. SELLER warrants that the Kitten was completely litter box trained when it left the premises. However, the new surroundings may confuse the Kitten and may result in improper elimination.

BUYER needs to ensure that the Kitten knows where its new litterbox is located, and SELLER recommends that BUYER uses the same type of litterbox and litter used at the SELLER’s premises to avoid confusing the Kitten.

This document is a legal and binding contract.


Date ___/___/2019








Phone number:


Signature of the BUYER:


SELLER’S Name: Michelle Smallrige

 Address: 72 Waimate Highway, St Andrew’s, Waimate 7988

Phone number: 021 150 7328


Signature of the SELLER:

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