The Miradoll Cat ​

The Miradoll Cat is one of the most lovable companion cats you will find. They are quite a sensation, attracting much attention in NZ and further afield.  We are heading into our seventh year of working with these amazing Cats.  Each breeding season we produce the most beautiful kittens in both looks and smooch factor and we constantly strive to improve and perfect our beautiful breed.  

What is a Miradoll?

A gorgeous, massive breed with large, expressive eyes, the Miradoll is sweet and loving, often described as being like a teddy bear. This feline thrives on attention and is a wonderful family pet that gets along well with other cats and dogs, thriving in multi-pet households. The Miradoll has an easygoing, calm temperament and can be trained to walk on a leash and play fetch. This healthy breed reaches adulthood at 4 years old.

Miradoll Traits:

  • Size

    Large, with males maturing between 6 1/2 and 8kg and females substantially smaller around 4 to 6kg.

  • Coat

    Medium-long, thick, plush but generally easy care.

  • Sheds

    Yes,but not to a great extent. Although they are not considered hypoallergenic our cats have proven to be a good choice for mild allergy sufferers.

  • Colours

  • Available in a selection of solid colours as well as traditoinal, mink and sepia.

  •  Vocalization

    Quiet, though purrs lovingly

  • Temperament

    Calm, playful, affectionate.  Suited to Indoor homes.

Miradoll's are healthy cats coming from DNA tested lines, free of any hereditary disease.