The Angel's of the Cat World...

A gorgeous, massive breed with large, expressive eyes, the Miradoll is sweet and loving, often described as being like a teddy bear. This feline thrives on attention and is a wonderful family pet that gets along well with other cats and dogs, thriving in multi-pet households. The Miradoll has an easygoing, calm temperament and can be trained to walk on a leash and play fetch. This healthy breed reaches adulthood at 4 years old.

Miradoll Traits:

  • Size

    Large, with males maturing between 6 1/2 and 8kg and females substantially smaller around 4 to 6kg.

  • Coat

    Medium-long, thick, plush but generally easy care.

  • Sheds

    Yes, not hypoallergenic although some of our cats are doing well in homes with allergy sufferers.

  • Colours

  • All Colour varieties available, Solid, Traditional as well as the rare Mink and Sepia.

  •  Vocalization

    Quiet, though purrs lovingly

  • Temperament

    Calm, playful, affectionate.  Suited to Indoor only homes.

Miradoll's are healthy cats coming from DNA tested lines, free of any hereditary disease.


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