Our Cat's are first and foremost pets and companion's before breeding, loved and cherished family members.  Each kitten is raised in the house usually spending the first few weeks in my bedroom.

Once our kitten's are about four weeks old they have their own kitten room just for them, within the house.  This ensures privacy and a peaceful environment for the Mum's raising them.  Complete with a kitty TV playing kitty DVD's along with soothing sounds, driftwood and scratch poles, all to look forward to as they grow.  When they are weaned and toilet trained they join the household, sleeping on my bed at night and creating much mischief.

Each kitten leaves home with the following:

- Registration (registered with Rare Cat Breeds of the World, Australia)

- Two to Three Vaccination's (age dependent)

- Desexed

- Microchipped

- DNA clear by parentage

- Detailed Care Notes, Contract and Health Agreement.

- Health Records

- a kitten pack containing a 2kg bag of Royal Canin Kitten biscuits, two cans of babycat mousse, whiska's kitten gravy sachets, a blanket sprayed with Feliway to help them settle in their new home and some favourite toys.

Kitten Prices:

Miradoll kitten's 


Bengal Kitten's 


Please note: A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required of $500 to secure a kitten of your choice and the remainder is to be paid when the kitten is ten weeks of age.  Your kitten is not secured as your own until a deposit is paid.

Transport is available NZ wide and the kittens handle air travel very well.  


Current costs:

Within the South Island

$250 for the flight and $70 for the flight approved carrier.

To the North Island

$350 for the flight and $70 for the flight approved carrier.

There are also road pet travel options for short trips.

Miradoll Colour's Explained...

- Solid colours are colours such as Black, Blue (grey), etc.  Solid colours are likely to have gold or green eyes and will never have blue eyes.

- Traditional colours are those seen in the Ragdoll and Birman, darker points and a light coloured body.    Traditional colours will always have blue eyes.

- Mink's are rare.  They are called Mink, because the fur of this type of Miradoll is smoother than the Traditional colours.  They feel like a ladies mink stole! Mink points are dark and their body colour a few shades lighter than their points. Mink's will have Aqua eyes (blue/green to green/blue) or occassionally blue.

- Sepia's are rare.  Two Mink or Sepia parents (or mink x sepia) are required to produce Sepia kitten's which still isn't a guarantee in any given litter, unless mating two Sepia's.  Sepia points are dark and their body colour just a shade lighter than their points. Sepia's eyes are usually green, gold or copper although blue is also possible.