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Rare Cat Breed's of the World



This registry was developed to keep breed information and provide pedigrees for the rare cat breeds in the world, and to promote the responsible development of new breeds of cats, including breeds that are not recognized with other major registries.


This registry is not affiliated with any other registry.


Our aim is to preserve and improve feline life by encouraging breeders of rare cat breeds to achieve the highest potential of their breeding programs, and to support out-crossing instead of in-breeding/line-breeding to strengthen health and genetics within their breed.

Genetic test results can also be added to pedigrees, allowing breeders to rule out hereditary diseases, eliminating them from their breeding programs. All breeders registered with Rare cat Breeds of The World are bound by the code of ethics.

                                                                        Rare Cat Breeds of The World

                                                                                CODE OF ETHICS

All persons applying for subscription for registration with Rare Cat Breeds of The World Pty Ltd agrees to abide by this code of ethics. If this code is breached you risk being removed from the registry.   

                                                                                   All Subscribers 

1 – Agree to read and follow the relevant state laws and regulations in regard to the keeping, breeding, selling and ownership of cats, and agree to adhere to the animal welfare code of practice of your state and maintain up-to-date knowledge of the law relating to owning and breeding cats and any changes in legislation.

2 – Agree to promote excellence in the discipline and practice of breeding and rearing of cats/kittens.

3 – Agree to never knowingly sell or give cats or kittens to laboratories, pet shops, or dealers in unethical trading.

4 – Agree to promote healthy breeding practices, minimising line breeding (in-breeding) encouraging outcrossing with selective breeding, DNA testing where applicable to benefit the health of a breed.

5 – Agree that no kitten will leave the breeder under 10 weeks of age and will be de-sexed prior to leaving breeder unless going to another registered breeder.    

6 – Agree that all pet kittens or retired breeding cats will be de-sexed, have at least one vaccination and be microchipped prior to leaving breeder.  

7 – Agree that breeding queens shall not have more than two litters in a year.

8 – Agree when breeding `mutations’ to research and breed mutations ethically with no crossings of lethal genes.

9 – Agree that at all times the primary focus is on what is best for the cats owned or bred, and to aim for the best outcome for the future of that breed.

10 – Agree to keep breeding and health records for cats in care.

11 – Agree to provide a written care sheet and vet health check for kittens or cats going to new owners.

12 – Agree to not knowingly let any cats or kittens roam at large, instead will supply them with an outdoor enclosure for time outdoors.