Congratulations on your new addition!

Here are a few notes that I hope will help you with settling your kitten into their new home.

My kitten’s all originate from lines I have been breeding for almost ten years now and have proven themselves to be very healthy, robust cats.  All of my line’s are DNA tested clear/healthy with Orivet in Australia to ensure I am breeding the healthiest kittens I can.

Some of the tests included are for the HCM gene, PKD, PRA-b and PK def. 

My cats have annual full health checks with my veterinarian and have an annual booster vaccination.  All are regularly wormed and flea treated.  I also carry out routine fecal testing throughout the year.

Health is of the upmost importance to my breeding programme.

When you first take your kitten home, please remember that for all of his/her life we have been their people and their whole world.  They have just left their Mum/littermates and a household of their favourite pet friends.  It will take a little while for their bonds of affection to break with us and form with you, their new forever family.  Some kitten’s instantly settle into their new homes, others may take a few days.

My suggestion is to set up a small, quiet room for initial settling in with a litter box and food and water bowls.  Don’t rush the kitten out of their carry cage, let them come out only when they feel safe to do so.  You could have a wee bed and blanket out for them also.  Let the kitten explore these new surroundings and then come and visit him/her.  Sit and talk to the kitten but let your kitten come to you when they feel comfortable.  Let the kitten stay in this room for the first day or two and make frequent visits.  Given time, your kitten will joyfully run to you for attention.  When you feel that you have bonded with the kitten, you can let the kitten out of the small room to get a feel for the rest of the house.  If you have another pet, please introduce your new kitten gradually and with close supervision.  Do not leave them unattended for at least a few days to make sure your old friend fully accepts your new friend.  The kittens are used to other cats and small and large friendly dogs.

From six weeks of age through to leaving home, the kitten’s start going through many stresses on their wee bodies starting with weaning, their first vaccinations at the vet, followed by an anesthetic and spay/neuter surgery and travel/flights to their new homes.  Vaccination introduces mild strains of disease into their systems so they can mount an immune response.  With certain kittens/litters some have come down with mild flus from days to a fortnight after vaccination.   Often in their new home a kitten may have a mild stress response from a new environment (exposure to new bugs) and extra stress.  They may sometimes experience a sneeze, mild conjunctivitis and digestive issues in the first week or two.  If any of these things do happen I am only a call or email away to offer helpful advice.  These are minor nuisances and this does not mean your kitten is unhealthy, just that the immune system has been challenged and is still developing.

The kitten’s must be kept on the same diet they have been raised on for at least the first few months.  Kittens have very sensitive digestive systems and sudden changes can cause vomiting and diarrhea.  I include a kitten pack which consists of the following:

  • A 2kg bag of Royal Canin Kitten biscuits

  • The first weeks supply of soft food consisting of Royal Canin Babycat mousse and Whiska’s kitten gravy food

  • A small amount of Pine Pellet Cat litter to get you started or to mix with your current litter.  If you change litters your kitten may choose to not use the litter tray.  Pine Pellet litter can be purchased from Mitre 10 (Nature’s Flame Fire Pellet’s) or from your local pet shop

  • A blanket from home that has been sprayed with Feliway to help your kitten settle

  • Some favourite toys


Please do not give the kitten milk to drink, just fresh (preferably filtered) water.  You can offer small amounts of cooked fish and chicken and broth.

The feeding schedule here is soft/sachet/canned food two to three times daily and ad lib access to biscuits and water.

I am happy to offer advice regarding suitable scratch posts that are available for a reasonable price through Trademe.  All of the kittens have been raised and trained to use scratch posts to sharpen their claws.  It is always good to get a post that is around 1.6 to 1.8m high so the kitten has a safe place to go to when they want some quiet time.  Cats see height as safety.

Kittens believe that everything on Earth is for their entertainment and you will need to kitty proof your home.  Please research online to make sure that all of your house plants are pet safe.  Even hanging plants as cats are VERY resourceful when they get it into their mind’s they want something. You must take care that nothing harmful comes into their reach, and being cats their reach is significantly longer than you may think!  Also, beware of any thin linear objects such as thread, string, floss, etc as kittens love to play with things like this but if they are swallowed it can be fatal.  Protect electrical cords, keep all medications out of reach of the kitten.  (Medication’s such as Ibuprofen are fatal).  These kittens are drawn to water and are attracted to showers, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers and will even jump in the freezer.  Please make it a habit to check that they are not inside any of these things before they are switched on or closed.

All of my cats and kittens are raised in a controlled environment here and all are contained for their safety and necessity being breeding cats.

There are many dangers outdoors unsupervised and an ideal home would be one where our kittens are kept contained.  Dangers come from many things including dogs, vehicles, poisons, other cats, etc.  If you cannot keep your kitten contained it’s a good idea to keep them indoors for the first month with supervised (on a harness) outdoor walks to get them used to the area.   I would always advise bringing your kitten in from early evening to morning.  They are very trusting kittens and are unaware of life’s dangers.  They have little road sense.  The sweet Miradoll’s are very trusting and the Bengal’s very curious loving to explore.  This can often lead them into harm’s way.

There are many options for cat safe area’s that are very easy to set up whether you are in a rental or own your own home.  Options are aviaries, catios, fencing off a part of your verandah, etc and they do lead a very fulfilled and happy life being contained.  There are so many neat cat toys, scratch posts and all sorts to keep them entertained and happy.  One of the best things you could do if you work long hours is consider a second kitten, so they have company while you are away.

I highly recommend Catnet’s, Australia.  All of my enclosures here use their products.  They have a very versatile netting that is also very strong and can be stapled onto existing decks, etc or stapled onto a frame.  They also supply zip doors that are very easy to install into the existing netting.   They also have very good options for portable, sturdy long lasting enclosures.  They consist of frames that you snap lock together and slip a readymade netting with a door sewn into it, over the top of them.  They come in many different sizes also.  Postage to New Zealand is very quick and not overly expensive.


Kitten prices for the 2021/22 season

It is my choice to be a full time, stay at home breeder and I do enjoy this lifestyle.  Trying to juggle a position away from home was just too difficult when you are dealing with a breeding setup. No two days are ever the same and things can happen in an instant that require immediate vet care.  I like to ensure I am here for the majority of the day so everything runs smoothly.  This is very crucial during the breeding season when I have Queen’s due to have their kitten’s.  I am always here to assist my special girls and they seek me out when they are getting near to having their kittens.  I believe this is one of the things that sets me apart from other breeders.  My cats and kittens have me here at their beck and call all day long and it definitely shows in the kittens with the extra love and socialization.


All kittens are $1800 for the 2021/22 breeding season.  This includes a kitten from health tested lines with their first two vaccinations, a microchip inserted, desexing, registration with Rare Cat Breed’s of the World and an extensive kitten pack as well as a health guarantee.

You are most welcome to set up a payment plan in advance (anywhere up to a year in advance).

If you are collecting your kitten you will be given the kitten pack at that time.  If your kitten is flying to you, the kitten pack will be couriered to you (at my cost) a week prior to the arrival of your kitten.


Kitten Flights

Flights within the South Island, with Air NZ are $250 with an extra cost of $70 for the flight approved cage that is necessary.  This is yours to keep.

Flights to the North Island, with Air NZ, are $350 with an extra cost of $70 for the flight approved cage that is necessary.  This is yours to keep.


Future Cattery Boarding

I am hoping to offer a luxury Boarding option for those that will need a safe, loving option when you head away on holidays.   Great for kittens that are staying more local but also happy to pick up kittens/cats from the Airport if you are needing long term accommodation.   I will keep you updated regarding this but if all goes to plan this will be operating nearer the end of 2021.  This will consist of a separate cottage to the main house with options of large, single accommodation (complete with luxury furnishings and an outdoor fully secure enclosure) and/or semi communal accommodation limited to a maximum of ten cats.  Again luxury furnishings, with air conditioning year round and a large outdoor enclosure set to the sun overlooking a pretty garden area.

I hope I have answered all of the questions you may have.  I always welcome regular updates and try to answer any queries you may have as quickly as I can.

Michelle Smallridge, Abracadabra Cattery.