Our Mum's and Dad's love us to pieces!  Read below what some have to say about us...

Just a quick note to say what a delight our kitten is.  The whole family adores him, even the dog!  Thank you very much"  Sally


"Just to let you know Smudge is awesome.  She has settled in so well.  She loves sleeping close to us and lying on our chest.  She sussed out her litter tray straight away"  Dee


"Boo is very cute (and spoilt!).  We all love her here.  She has a great personality - very playful but also very friendly.  She has settled into our home well"  Scott


"So cute and handsome"  Mike


"Clem is an absolute delight, galloping around and entertaining us while being totally oblivious to the terrors of fireworks, vacuum cleaners and strange people.  He is by far the cutest, cuddliest, most wonderful cat we've ever met"  Mary


"Just thought I'd flick you a wee photo of Millie.  She had a bit of a rocky start with not liking Phoenix (Boxer dog) but they are now best friends as you can see.  Thank you for being so wonderful to deal with.  We love our little lady as crazy as she is" .



"We just wanted to share some photos of our wee man. Sid is the most determined,inquisitive, funny, naughty, lovable cat we have ever had. What Sid wants he gets, but repays us with love. Sometimes (often) that is at 3.00am when he wants cuddles and purrs loud enough to wake everyone.  He loves water and plays with the sprinklers, he loves our grand daughter and they play chasing together which is priceless. Our grandson is not so sure because Sid has a slightly viscous streak when he doesn't get his own way, which should be a bit more often!" (Sid in second photo on left)  Jan



"The kittens are going very well, and we absolutely adore them.  Frankie has the best personality and is the school book version of a Ragdoll in that he just flops anywhere.  He is also growing larger than Patrick and eats constantly!  Patrick (Chocolate girl) is extremely beautiful and more playful than Frank.  I have attached a couple of photos for you, they are doing very well and seem very happy together Courtney


“she is a dream come true kitten, and she and Jessie (dog) play so well together. Lots of fun and laughter in the house for sure. Again, thanks for a great kitten…she’s the best ever!!!!”


"It goes without saying that we adore our latest feline addition. He is full of fun,affection and mischief and a day doesn't go past when we don't laugh out loud at his antics. He's very keen on balls, flower arrangements and dogs! Not necessarily in that order. His tail is extraordinary as he folds it back so that it touches his head, a bit like skunk. He climbs on to your chest if your're sitting down and washes your face. This happens at all times of the day and night. He and Morrie (older brother) have regular fight/play times. Usually in the mornings when we get up, it's as if they like an audience. Morrie is quite paternal towards him and often washes his face and ears. However the kitten is definitely the dominant one. As I'm writing this he's just climbed on top of me and is purring contentedly, pushing his paws on to my face (claws in). Thank you so much for your gorgeous cats! We couldn't be more delighted with them both".



"As you can see by the attached pics, we both are silly and love our fur babies. Before we go outside we ask Bella (Miradoll) and Jessie if they would like to go for a walk. Both come running and are very good when we put their harnesses on, although Bella likes to play with the end of hers a bit. Then we take Bella to her litter box and tell her to go potty…which she amazingly does! Gets a treat for that for sure. Then the pet back pack goes on and in she hops looking forward to some different scenery and meeting new people who stop to admire her. She always watches out the side to make sure Jessie is with us too. When we get home, we let her out and she and Jessie are told to sit (which they both amazingly do) and then they get another treat. Furry outdoor fun for all the family!  She is one amazing kitty! Thought you would enjoy her Easter bunny feet pic too!"


"Genevieve has settled in well. She has been lavished with attention. I had my Dad staying this last week and he was keen to take her home! So if you have any other similar kittens let us know. She loves to be around us and we love her being around too. She is quite happy to be picked up and put in dolls houses and wheeled in prams, much to my daughters delight. In fact she is quite keen on curling up and snoozing in the dolls house, the pantry spice drawer seems to be a favourite spot too".


Just a quick update for you and a big thank you for such an adorable little sweetheart.  She travelled very well, and has settled in beautifully.  Grayce hasn't let her out of her sight but best of all she and Coco (dog) have hit it off like they've known each other for years.  I've attached some pics for you.  We really can't thank you enough.











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